The Little Marriage Book

101 Marriage Tips through Meditations;
Thoughts & Personal Stories

When we are out in the world socializing with people, we size up how others are doing with their lives. Oftentimes, the people who claim to be doing amazingly well in their marriage actually are not. Observing how our friends and acquaintances interact as a couple and what they say—and don’t say—about their relationship is one way we gauge the state of our own marriage. But it is far better to develop our own personal voice and instincts, which we can then share with our committed partner. The tips in this book are intended to help strengthen that inner voice.

It’s hard to relate to cold, hard facts; they never seem to get inside a person where true passions reside. When it comes to marriage advice about something difficult, scary, intriguing, or unnerving, or about something joyful, amazing, thoughtful, or shocking, we receive it and take it to heart best through a story. The Little Marriage Book uses wisdom passed down from our ancestors to help us relate through stories to the incredible complexity of marriage.