Norway Part VII

I had wanted to see the Gustav Vigeland sculptures for so many years. Even though it wasn’t that convenient to be doing it with suitcases, I am so glad we did.

What a shocking contrast to the art of Munch seen only the day before! (These two Norwegian artists lived during the same period in history – 1860’s to 1940’s – and knew each other.) From paintings of pain, sorrow, passion, and stress of Munch to large sculptures of the joy of human life of Vigeland. Having done my research, I know that Gustav Vigeland’s actual treatment of women and children was not played out as wholesomely in his life as it is in his art. But what he created, once seen could never be forgotten. And it is JOYFUL, just about all of it.

Here are some of my favorites.

Our train left Oslo at 3:00 for the approximately six-hour ride southwest to Kristiansand.

After enjoying the scenery for quite some hours, we suddenly became thirsty and hungry. Paul went off to get himself a beer. While he was away, I guiltily unwrapped the tin foil and nibbled on some of the pommes d’amour.

Paul returned happily with his beverage, saw what I was eating and asked for some, I guess, to go along with his beer. Rich cake and beer. Yum!

Rather suddenly, the train pulled into a station. Couldn’t possibly be Kristiansand yet, could it? But, there was my cousin Grace standing on the platform. Paul quickly handed over the beer to a young couple. And, I must say they looked exceedingly grateful. (Any alcohol in Norway costs a fortune). It was only on our way in the car to the family property from the station that I realized I had left the rest of the wonderful, fabulous, amazing POMMES D’AMOUR on the train. As Europeans are not as picky as Americans, I am absolutely certain someone savored the feast. I like to think it was the young couple.