In-Between Summer at Old Black Point

Young Adult novella
Twelve-year-old Jenny heads into her summer expecting things to be the same, but unbeknownst to her, both she and her world are about to change.


Jenny made her way over the large rocks to the stones and pebbles, searching for a few small flat ones. She picked out three that would do.

The first one was an orangey-beige color. It was nicely rounded but not as flat as she would have liked. She gripped it between her thumb and forefinger. She stooped way down and threw it out. It took two beautiful jumps and then plunged underneath the water. Oh, well; good start, anyway.

Next, she took the green and white pebble. It wasn’t all that round, but it was very flat: a reasonable jumping stone. With a quick jerk of her arm, she flung it out. It started to skim over the water, but then suddenly dove under it. Oh, dear! I’m not too hot today, she thought.

Jenny had saved her favorite pebble for last. It was a small round gray one and almost perfectly flat. She decided to count to ten while she positioned herself for her throw. Then, with a quick forward thrust, she let it fly over the surface of the water. She counted the skips: one, two, three, four, five, six. She could hardly believe it. She put two fingers between her buckteeth and blew out a shrill whistle. Six skips, and the first time out this summer! It must have something to do with getting better as you get older, she thought. Then she sighed. At least there were some advantages to being almost twelve.