Come Say Goodbye

Young Adult Novel

Suki, a serious sheltered American girl, meets handsome devil-may-care Norwegian Kjell on a Christmas ski holiday and falls in love.



Dear Kjell,

Do you remember the photograph album you used to have in Lillehammer? Well, I seem to recollect some pictures you took of wild parties…girls with their stockings showing and boys and girls laying on staircases. Last night I went to a party like that and whew! I’m still recovering. I have never in my life been so drunk. But, even though I was so intoxicated that I couldn’t walk straight, I remained perfectly aware of what was going on. The dancing was just fantastic: boys swinging me over their shoulders and around their back etc. At one time there were ten of us standing on top of a TV, which swayed precariously from side to side. Actually, that episode was very funny because two people ripped their clothes; I was one of them. Some of the people on the TV shouted out, “C’mon Suki and join us!” I took a flying leap and landed flat on my face with a hole stretching from one side of my pants to the other. I yelped and backed out of the room. I had to borrow a pair of boy’s blue jeans but that was okay. Another boy fell off the TV and completely ripped his shirt. He just laughed and threw it into the fire. Then, of course, there were couples lying on beds and making out and I wasn’t one of them.

America is absolutely shocked and saddened by Kennedy’s death. Nobody has talked about anything else since he was shot. All cinemas and entertainment centers were closed down and as this Monday is the day of his funeral, all schools have been closed for the day. I think one reason there has been such a tremendous response to his death is not only for the ideals for which he stood, not only for his status as a president, but because he was such a nice man and he and his wife stood for the ideal American couple.