Gearing up for Jewels That Speak Publication…

It’s February 15th today and my memoir comes out on April 17th. That’s only 61 days away. Better get cracking!

Right now I am working on getting my e-book in a viable form for various e-book platforms and devices. It gets more complicated when there are photos and captions and there are some of those. What do you do when the text introducing a photo comes on one page and the photo on another? What do you do when a photo comes on one page and the caption underneath the photo gets booted to the next page and the photo is left, well, kinda naked with no explanation.

Print form and e-book forms are different beasts all together. Understanding how one beast moves and operates doesn’t mean you get the other beast; you have to start all over in a way and you have to be very patient. Okay, so do you like being on a new learning curve? (Rhetorical question.) I suppose I do. All that time spent writing your heart out with some ideas you have been thinking about for years. Researching topics to strengthen foundations, and to offer elaboration of ideas. Then, the hard part: getting feedback and revising, revising, revising!

Now, it’s deal time, promotion time, get the e-book done time.

With each step in this demanding process, the writer has to use different parts of oneself, to perform various tasks. One has to become elastic to know and accommodate the beasts, inside and out…or be heated, blown, and bent like complex glass shapes and forms–a Chihully.