The Starlings in London

The Starlings in London

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Lily Starling is an imaginative, free-spirited, twelve-year-old year girl who is caught in truth’s sticky web because of her deep family connectedness. The Starlings in London is a coming-of-age literary novella to be enjoyed by adults and young adults.

Lily wants her father back. She has been separated from him for one interminable year. Now she is going see him again and she can’t wait to lap up his warmth and his artistic way of seeing the world. But when Lily, her mother, and four siblings finally arrive at Victoria station off The Queen Mary she notices he’s unshaven, is awfully skinny, and doesn’t seem thrilled to see them.

London is full of red buses and din and grime. Dad has become secretive…strangely different, like he’s being led by some sort of visionary pied piper to a place where the rest of his family are forbidden. However, the children must go to their uppity schools, line up to whistles, wear green knickers, speak the King’s English, or in Mom’s case, get dinner on the table.

Village life in the country by the sea helps Lily find a sense of inner belonging through the aesthetic countryside, the ancient cottage, the secret places of the village, and the villagers themselves.

Her need for freedom also carries her to France for the summer and to Norway for the Christmas holidays where she falls in love.

But no matter where Lily goes, shocks await and she is forced to learn truth has consequences and nothing is completely safe.