Literary Work

Jewels That Speak: Tiffanys, Freuds, and Me
This moving memoir relates Lynn Burlingham’s battle for her own identity as a child, teen and adult amid the influence of her famous family: great-grandfathers Louis Comfort Tiffany and Charles Culp Burlingham; grandmother Dorothy Tiffany Burlingham; grandfather Einar Håkon Sørensen; uncle George F. Kennan; and Anna Freud, her grandmother’s colleague, companion and confidant, and her father’s psychiatrist.

The Starlings in London

A beautifully paced novella that intertwines the everyday life of a London school girl, the release and respite of holidays in a seaside village, letters back to the US, the stress and agony of rising family tensions, shocking revelations, and the excitement of first love. Pain and pleasure mingle as she leaves girlhood – and the family as she had known it – behind forever.

The Little Marriage Book
101 Marriage Tips through Meditations, Thoughts & Personal Stories

“Nature’s Beauty Lingers,” Echoes from the Prairie, Great Plains Writers Group (October, 2013)
In this short excerpt from Jewels That Speak, the beauty in nature captured in the stained glass window “Magnolias and Irises,” created by Lynn’s great-grandfather Louis Comfort Tiffany, inspires her to ponder the miraculous summer places of her childhood.

“Uncle George,” Echoes from the Prairie, Great Plains Writers Group (October, 2013)
In this excerpt from Jewels That Speak, Lynn describes the positive influence that her uncle, the famed statesman George F. Kennan, had on her life.

“The Freuds, the Tiffanys & Me,” New Letters Vol. 78, No. 2 (winter, 2012)
An excerpt from Lynn’s memoir, Jewels That Speak. Nominated for the 2014 Pushcart Prize.

“Searching for Meaning in Hair” 
An exploration in dialogue with national artist Hong Chun Zhang about how women see their lives through the histories of their mothers, focusing on the characteristic of hair.

Gifted or Just Your Average Weirdo? (Young Adult Novel)
When New York City teenager Michael Clancy stumbles into a discovery of his own potential, he ends up both loving and hating the fact that he’s different.

In-Between Summer at Old Black Point (Young Adult Novella)
Twelve-year-old Jenny heads into her summer expecting things to be the same, but, unbeknownst to her, both she and her world are about to change.

So Good (Young Adult Novella)
Fifteen-year-old Sam Coolidge–labeled learning disabled–must navigate her problems with school, her single mother, and boys.