Norway Part X

So come meet the relatives. To include everybody, you will now see twelve photos taken at various gatherings and activities, which might be more photos than you want to see. BUT…I can’t leave anybody out.

First ,Wendy and her daughter, Katia.

Adorable 10 ½ month old Barbara, Katia’s daughter.



Kristina (Lillebeth’s daughter in black sneakers), her wife Marne (in sandals), with their daughter, Rav.

Falc, son of Kristina & Marne

Lillebeth steering the boat, her husband, Erling, their daugher-in-law, Gro, and Grace.

Jan, Lillebeth’s son, and his wife, Gro.

Håkon, son of Jan and Gro, showing Paul the nautical map.

Seeking out the right spot for a family picnic: Gro, Evan (Gro’s son), Paul, Grace.

George, Wendy’s son in white shirt, talking to Grace, Lillebeth, and Joan.

Cousin Christian with his wife Sigurn swimming in front of the cabin in ice-cold water.

A lovely looking family, don’t you think?