England Part I

I’ve been working on the first draft of a little book. My mornings have been devoted to that, so no blogging.

OVER THE ATLANTIC OCEAN TO CHASE GHOSTS turned out to be England, France, and Norway. So I thought I’d begin with a few “ghost” scenarios from England.

Traveling by train from London towards the village Walberswick in Suffolk, East Anglia–where we used to own a cottage–familiar stops greeted me differently than I remembered them because nothing seemed as lush somehow. The vista seemed more flat, although after Ipswich the sun came out to at least brighten up some views of the shore with sailboats and millions of yellow flowers laid out in the fields. After Saxmundham trees appeared that looked like giant bushes with their tall round tops. As I watched from my seeming rolling seat, they started to sway in the wind. Ah, a breezy, partially sunny day in the English countryside in June.

Rodney Fosdike, whose service as a taxi driver I found on the Blyth website, was nowhere to be seen as I alighted from the train at Halesworth Station. I trundled my suitcase bumpily down the cobblestone street to a pay phone, but couldn’t figure out how to make it work. Two oldish English ladies with large patterned flowered dresses came down the street. I asked, trying to sound friendly like the English, “Do you have a mobile with you? One said, “I do, but I haven’t used it before, so I don’t know if I can make it work.” She carefully pressed in Rodney Fosdike’s number from my piece of paper and handed me the phone. It rang and rang but, alas, there was only voice mail so I left a plaintive message and paid the lady a pound. She gave me change and said, “It doesn’t matter that there is an extra sixpence over.”

Now what to do? I turned round and headed back up the little street towards the station and just then down the road came a teency weency car. I hoped and hoped, turned my head round and kind of peered through my sunglasses to see if perhaps there was only one person in the car. And there was! And it was him! 20 minutes late! Whew!