An Apology and a Promise

Life smacks you down every once in a while. My latest smack came on December 8th when my son was in a car accident on his way to Texas. He had wanted to get some exposure to the Austin music scene. Instead, his life…and my life…were on hold trying to figure out what had happened and if he was going to be alright. After many doctor visits and tests and patience…he has pulled through, and as of this week is completely resuming life again. Happy son. Happy mother.

I apologize for not blogging during this difficult time.

Of course this also means I can feel free to pursue normal life again…starting with GHOSTS!



My husband, Paul, and I are taking off on trip to….well, for me some of it will be about visiting places and seeing people from my past(EEEEEEErie? EEEEEEExciting?)


I don’t think I’ll tell you quite yet, but it’s somewhere over an ocean.

So, I promise, to blog about my travels. They will be coming….soon. Keep a watch out towards the end of June.

Until then, your faithful friend.