Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

In my second blog article, Three Steps to Creativity, I said about step 3, which relates to lesson 3:

The word DESIGN fascinates me. Like the Kindergartener building a fort, the designer joins his imagination and knowledge to create something for himself, but that others can see and use. “I designed an energy efficient city,” an eighth grader said. I designed the set for a play,” a ninth grader said. How can the designers ever forget how they have used their minds, if the process to get to product was so energizing, so thrilling? The designers also had to deal with ideas that did not work, before they came up with the ones that did. They learned to handle frustration because they were invested in “seeing” their product, and having others “see” it. Have you ever watched a kid build a structure from blocks only to knock it down, and start all over again?

Lesson 3: Understand your failures build your success.

After using all your energy and resources, take a break.

With my memoir, Jewels that Speak, I am now the writer (designer) struggling with questions of “ideas that might not work” to make sure they do work, “invested in seeing my product and having others ‘see’ it”.

Eventually, I’ll also get a break.