Bad Backs

“Ooh my back, my poor, poor back.” (There’s a song from a musical about feet, not backs, but I can’t remember which one it’s from.) After three weeks at the cabin, Paul and I decided to search out a new mattress. We took ourselves to a special mattress store in Antigo, tried them all, and came away empty-handed. At the last minute we looked in a large chain store, picked one that seemed both soft and hard, hoisted it onto the top of our car, and roped it down. Unfortunately we had not brought enough rope, so we drove back home at 30 miles an hour, with hands out the window holding onto the plastic covering.

We were victorious by the time we arrived home.

Our smiles were large in the morning. We thought the mattress a winner! But one week later, it was beginning to sag a bit, and our smiles were no longer so generous.

How could we have been so stupid? Why didn’t we do some on-line research first?

We found the receipt and called the store. “Can I please speak to the store manager?” I said.

“This is Carl, the store manager,” he said.

“We have a problem with the mattress we bought at your store a week ago,” I said. “I have a bad back. We bought your mattress thinking it would be of help, but my back is still very sore. I am very sorry, sir, but we would like to bring it back.”

“Do you want to exchange it for another one?” Carl said.

“No, I don’t think so,” I said. “We would very much like a full refund. There’s not a spot on it,” I added.

“Good,” the store manager said. “You can return it. Just make sure you have the receipt, and when you come in, bring it round the back.”

“Whew,” I told Paul. “They’re going to refund our credit card.”

Paul borrowed a wooden trailer from a friend. Together we took the mattress back to the store.

Next, we went on-line to do proper mattress research. Both on our computers, we shared our findings. We ended up ordering the same type of mattress we have at home, which is none too cheap.

We checked on-line to make sure it had been shipped. Yes, it had—to our address in Kansas!

Oh no. More phone time. Wait time. Computer time.

We think we have the problem fixed. Somehow they were able to reroute the mattress to Wisconsin.

We are presently sleeping with a quilt cover on the box springs. It sort of works.