It’s Tuesday Already?

How could it be Tuesday already? I mean it was Monday a minute ago, and Sunday, two minutes before that.

What have I done to make it Tuesday already?

Vacuumed the cabin.

Two loads of wash.

A walk.

A bike ride.

Watched the final of the French Open.

A game of scrabble with Paul on the pontoon boat.

Read some Edith Wharton.

Cooked chicken with a wine sauce.

First draft of a short story.

Two query letters.

A talk with my cousin.

But what are the results?

Not so much dust.

Clean sheets.

Nature in the Northwoods.

Free as the wind, except uphill.

Yeah, Nadal!

Beat him by one point.

She doesn’t grow old.


Not good enough.

Who knows?


Okay, Tuesday, you’re here. Wanna be my best buddy for the day?