Pretty Shoes

I don’t have any “good” shoes. Really, I don’t. I throw glances down at the feet of women I know…and women I don’t know and they all seems to wear such pretty things on their feet. I mean, these days glasses adorn the face and shoes adorn the feet.

My closet is filled with shoes. I stumble over them each day when I open the door to find something to wear. But my foot coverings simply cover my feet; they’re functional. They do not adorn. This goes for sneakers, regular shoes, boots, and right now last year’s sandals. I do not wear heels, well, hardly ever…anymore.

I think it’s time I wear something pretty on my feet, as long as the something pretty does not kill them. After I’ve completed my brisk hour walk each day wearing my Keens, my right foot hurts. That’s the truth. I have to sit down, take off the shoe and massage my pad. Sometimes, I have to hop around on my left foot for a while. Even so Keens are the best sneaker I’ve found for my particular feet, but you have to admit they’re not pretty. They’re quite strange looking. They remind me of duck feet.

Back to pretty. I want something pretty to adorn my feet. I want someone to throw a glance down at my feet and think, WHAT GREAT SHOES. THEY ARE SO PRETTY!