Dreams and Me

The other night I was in a truck driven by a man who wasn’t driving. I knew I was going to be killed. As the truck went up a hill, I opened the door and jumped out.

It amazes me the wherewithal I can pull off in my dreams.

I was in a real accident once. The man driving the car I was in hit a car standing still in the high-speed lane. I did not jump out. When I was able to open the door, I fell out.

It took a year of my life to recover.

In my youth I had, what I call, reverse dreams. I’d be on top of a building. Someone pushed me off the roof. My eyes popped open, my stomach hit my gullet. I knew I was going to die, but then…this falling happened ever so slowly. I landed softly, like on a cloud. I’d wake up in a sweat and think…I’m here!

Then, I’d get up, brush my teeth and put on my school uniform.