Starting Up Again

We (my husband, my daughter and I) live on the academic calendar. KU’s spring semester began today. We are inching back into “our normal lives.” This is good for my writing because I can focus primarily on that. A retired teacher, I am used to an academic schedule. I am used to setting goals and meeting them. My present goal is to have Jewels that Speak in the editor’s hands in six weeks. In writing time, that can be very little time, or a lot of time depending where you are in the writing process and what kind of writing you are doing. Given what I mentioned in my last blog, The Scheme of Things, that’s not much time for me.

The clock ticks as I do some research. It tocks as I write a new paragraph, delete or change a word. It ticks as I re-read my manuscript, tocks as I blog about writing. Let me see, today is January 14th. The end of February is going to be here in a whoosh.

You might ask why my goal for completion is set for this date. It is an arbitrary goal set by me. It keeps my writing engine revved up and running at a steady pace. There are so many ideas I want to explore in writing. And, I believe in the value of finished products.