Should I Begin a Website?

Should I begin a website? That was the question. So I asked my first editor: Laurie Wagner Buyer and she said, “It’s a good idea to have a web presence.” I thought about it for a year. I should (pluck). I shouldn’t (pluck), and so on. I kept an eye on her website, which changed dramatically for the better in front of my eyes. Wow!

More about that in a minute.

How did I meet Laurie? At the Ozark Creative Writers Conference a few years ago. A tall handsome man stood at table where–presumably–his books were for sale. I picked up a book of poems, not his: Across the High Divide. I leafed through it. The title “Running out of Thread” caught my eye. Within seconds, I was glued to the story about the end of a romantic relationship. “Who wrote these beautiful words?” I asked the tall man. He said, “Laurie Wagner Buyer. She’ll be back shortly. You can speak to her yourself.”

The lovely Laurie returned. We talked about her poem. When I asked, she said she did editing/mentoring work, handed me her editing business brochure, Creative Adventure: A Guide Service for Writers. Shortly after that, I sent her the first draft of my memoir Jewels that Speak. I sensed it was in capable nurturing hands.

Back to Laurie’s website. Every now and then, I checked in on her. I wanted to see how the presentation of her books was unfolding. About a year ago, I noticed a change. How to describe it? Comparing one library to another is the closest I can get. Some are dead and some are alive. Her new site leapt off the page, bursting with information about Laurie’s writing life: her books, her editing, her events’ calendar, and some personal sharing. If you wanted to see the full spectrum of Laurie’s work, a touch of the keypad gave you that wealth of information. It keeps evolving.

A few weeks ago when the last pluck told me I should, I studied the website to see who designed and maintained it: Deborah Kunzie of Garlic D’zign powered by keZoor. That’s how this website began.